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Goals. Projects. No progress?

Learn and leverage the Smart Action framework to gain control over your time and energy. Build the right systems. Make rapid, consistent progress toward your goals & vision (without burning yourself out).

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“Just write a damn list and start crossing things off!”

“You just need to set more realistic goals.”

“Have you tried waking up earlier?”

Pithy platitudes and tactics like these do not help you become a high-leverage human being.

Ultimately that should be what you want. And I don’t mean just turning yourself into an efficient corporate robot…

True productivity is maximizing all areas of life…

Living to the fullest…

Knowing that you’re on the right path and executing on what’s important. Having a “fire in the belly…”

NOT getting to your deathbed and regretting the fact that you wasted years avoiding goals and projects that you said you’d get to “someday.”

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have ambition.

You have things you want to do.

You have dreams.

And you’ve tried every trick in the book dozens of productivity books you’ve read…

Maybe some of these things have helped, but I’m willing to bet they haven’t. If they have, it hasn’t been significant.

That’s because they are tactics.

And if you’ve been dealing with procrastination and low drive, energy, and execution for months or even years? Tactics ain’t gonna cut it.

Desire for simple answers is ruining your ability to be productive

Even though I don’t know you, I do know that there’s one thing you and I both love.

It’s not The Godfather, despite its standing as the best movie of all time (no debate required).

It’s not the feeling of unboxing a new Apple product (tfw you take the plastic wrapping off the box)

It’s silver bullets.

We love those things. Even though they don’t exist.

In the productivity space, silver bullets are rampant, and often they’re hidden. Covered in dust so they don’t look silver (but they are beneath the surface).

And we’re attracted like bees to honey.

These are all silver bullets.

Don’t get me wrong: self-discipline, motivation, and diet are good things. They should all be part of a wider productivity system. 

But for most people, they won’t change the game. At least not on their own.

These are individual components of a wider system.


Why you can't sit down and do the work

Why is it that even though you’ve set goals, made plans, cleaned your workspace, and done everything else under the sun to optimize your productivity… you still can’t sit down and execute?

Is it simply a lack of self-discipline as mentioned above?

Or is it something else?

Again, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to this. Generic productivity advice fails because it assumes everyone is the same, or it assumes that we all act rationally (which we don’t). 

But while there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, there is an answer…

Your personal operating system is broken. In some way, somewhere, it is broken. 

Rarely is it a minor thing like “not having the right software” or “missing the best productivity timer app.”

Rarely is it a tactical thing.

Most often, it’s mindset related. It’s deep. It’s significant. And it’s not something you can fix by downloading an app. It requires internal, foundational work. 

But the people who manage to do this work and craft an effective personal operating system? They rapidly go from average (or below) productivity to superhuman performance. 

Procrastinators vs. Smart Action Takers

Utilizing information

PROCRASTINATORS: Keep tabs on major productivity blogs, have purchased dozens of self-help books, and take extensive notes, but rarely put that information to use (instead, they talk incessantly about productivity with their peers).

— VS —

SMART ACTION TAKERS: Learn what’s necessary for them to take action and get ahead. Avoid mental masturbation. Know that results are what matters, not a bunch of head knowledge.

Setting goals

PROCRASTINATORS: Set their goals too small or too big, if they set them at all. They constantly find themselves changing their goals trying to find something that gives them the perfect motivational high, instead of setting a course and taking action on it.

— VS —

SMART ACTION TAKERS: Know that perfect information and perfect goal setting doesn’t exist. They set a challenging goal that interests them and has a high chance of success, and then get to work. If they need to adjust along the way, they do so, but don’t fall into the trap of over-thinking or trying to plan perfectly.


PROCRASTINATORS: Oscillate between work and procrastination. Most of their time is spent in the grey zone, neither fully involved in their work, or fully resting. As a result, they never feel truly rested or like their working hard.

— VS —

SMART ACTION TAKERS: Work when they work, and rest when they rest. They focus with intensity, and can get more done in a 4-hour work session than Surface people get done in 4 days.


PROCRASTINATORS: Never feel like they’re working hard enough, so they prioritise work over everything else, including health. They feel guilty when working out or focusing on their health because they know they’re falling behind with their work. That, or they lie to themselves by thinking that health isn’t that important.

— VS —

SMART ACTION TAKERS: Know that good health is the cornerstone of true productivity, and do everything they can to get it and keep it. They see it as another aspect of their work, and don’t neglect it for the sake of their career or business.


PROCRASTINATORS: Struggle in their relationships because they’re always on edge. They can’t truly relax or spend quality time with their partner or friends because there’s a nagging sense of incompletion behind every moment.

— VS —

SMART ACTION TAKERS: Are present in the moment. If they’re working, they’re working. If they’re resting, they’re resting. If they’re spending time with others, they’re spending time with others.

How to become limitlessly productive

How do you transform yourself from a procrastinator to superhuman?

You already know the answer…

It’s not about quick hacks.

It’s not about finding the right technique or app.

It’s about a hard reset. A rebuilding of the system from the ground-up.

And that’s where we come in…


Smart Action

The 6-week online program that takes you from anxious procrastinator to smart action taker

This is the course I wish I had several years ago when I was stuck in a major rut.

I’d tried every trick in the book. Apps, tricks, habit-formation, vacations, motivational videos… everything.

None of it had any lasting effect.

The only thing that truly moved me forward was rebuilding my system from the ground-up, and that meant:

Unfortunately, it took me years to figure all this stuff out.

I read dozens of books, worked with coaches, and did way too much thinking (correction: overthinking).

But it doesn’t have to take you years, because I’ve now codified these secrets and strategies into a six-week program called Smart Action.

Let’s take a look inside.


Optimizing Your State

No productivity tactic or hack is going to make a difference if you haven’t build a strong foundation. During week 1, I’ll show you how to optimize your body and mind for maximum productivity and flow. 


Optimizing Your Environment

The effects of improving your state come rapidly, but they’re hard to maintain if your environment is working against them. This week, we’ll optimize your physical environment for extreme productivity.


Building the Superhuman Mindset

Even when you fix your physical state with better sleep, nutrition, and exercise – it doesn’t always solve the problem of procrastination. You need to build a robust, versatile, and antifragile mindset on top.


Creating Coherence & Alignment

Where are you going? What is the path? What is your life about?‍

Answers to these questions are not easy, and they often change too. But without some sense of direction, you can quickly find yourself procrastinating and feeling stuck in a rut. Why? Because you have nothing to work towards!


The STAR Method

You’ve got the foundation, vision, and goals… but what’s the best mechanism to move everything forward?‍

During this week, we look at The STAR Method, a simple plan/work/rest cycle that will enable you to think with clarity, work with intensity, and rest with ease.


Rapid Evolution

The final week of Smart Action is all about taking things to the next level.‍

This module contains advanced strategies you use to gain a unique edge and get exponential returns on our efforts.

Who is Smart Action for?

This program is for you if…

This program is NOT for you if…

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Sam Matla

I’m the founder of EDMProd, a digital strategy consultant, and writer. 

The productivity principles contained in this program have enabled me to build a near 7-figure business while working less than 30 hours per week. 

Now I’m teaching them to others.

If you’re sick of generic, overly-specific productivity advice that hasn’t helped… Smart Action is for you.